Photo by Matthew Simantov/ Mushrooms by Doug Rhodehamel

Matthew Simantov (Company Photographer/Digital Media)

Matthew Simantov has been producing professional photography and video since 2002. Currently a Community Manager at the Orlando Sentinel newspaper, he manages the Web presence of the news and business departments. Matt has collaborated with Voci for the past five years. Originally from New York, Matthew now resides in Orlando, Florida.

DJ Nigel John (Live DJ)

Nigel John is a local DJ that frequently works in and collaborates with the Central Florida arts community. Most recently he has worked with installation artist, Doug Rhodehammel, creating soundscapes for “Night of A 1,000 Jellyfish”, “a. thunderstorm” and “a.larve”. He also worked with Voci Dance at iMove in 2009, Cocktails and Cosmos at the Orlando Science Center, and Voci’s Open Studio.

Consuelo Bellini (Fashion Design/Costumes)

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Consuelo started her career in design at an early age, working for a local interior design company hand-painting glass, ceramic and fabric. In 1993, she came to the U.S. to pursue her career as a Fashion Designer. In NYC, she began designing popular lines such as MECCA, MUDD and B.U.M. for an international children’s clothing company. In the spring of 2000, Consuelo started her own line of women’s tops and accessories called Discola. Her line was picked up in a few NYC boutiques, selling to celebrities such as Eve and Pink. Consuelo conceived her first demi-couture collection which released in Winter 2002 and won the Women’s Eveningwear catagory of the Styles 2002 Gen Art International Design competition. This win led to Saks Fifth Avenue carrying her line for Spring/Summer 2003. In 2006, she and her husband moved to Orlando where she has been actively involved in the development of its thriving artist community.

Kelledy Francis (Fashion Design/Costumes)

Kelledy received her undergraduate degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in Sculpture & Fiber Art. She moved on to Western Carolina University to get her MFA in Integrated Media. Her work in fashion is currently an attempt to understand adornment as a reflection of culture, exploring garment and fashion accessories as a metaphor for current (and timeless) socio-political issues. Mixing old and new, clashing traditional technique with contemporary media, combining pop culture visual associations with traditional methods of craftsmanship and references to history fuel creations. Though the work is dramatically detailed, its over-the-top nature is leavened by the uneasy emptiness when presented separate from the human body and performance setting.

Jay Mc Carroll (Fashion Design/Costumes)

Jay studied Fashion Design at the former Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, now Philadelphia University, where he currently teaches. He also studied at the London College of Fashion. While in London, he sold his clothes at Camden Market and then moved to Amsterdam where he sold at a few boutiques there and loved it! Homesickness moved him back to Philadelphia, where he auditioned for the Bravo TV reality show Project Runway and won the first season. Jay currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

Doug Rhodehamel (Installation Artist)

Doug Rhodehamel grew up in centerville ohio and is therefore a buckeye. He moved to orlando in 1993 and is the guy responsible of all those paper bag mushrooms. He also makes stuff. He has collaborated with Voci Dance for the Orlando Science Center’s ‘Cocktails & Cosmos’ nights with his plastic bag jellyfish and florescent schools of fish. When he’s not doing that, he can be found archiving his lifetime of hairstyles or going up in space. (live in florida long enough and they’ll let anyone on a shuttle.) Check out his website for more information. or follow him on twitter!